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What is Technical Consultancy?

During 2023, we witnessed an increased demand for our consulting and auditing services. In this blog we set out to explain what Technical Consultancy is, what it really means, how it works in practice at Pretty Technical and what value it can bring in providing clarity to enable meaningful change. 

Our approach to this kind of work is holistic across technology, people and process – and how these are intertwined and dependent on each other to realise your business strategic goals.  For example, we wouldn’t just consider the quality of a piece of code in isolation, but also the processes and people that support it.

Oftentimes, this is in the context of a specific area of focus or ambition. For example, our recent work with Banijay was centred around an upcoming global mobile app launch and creating confidence that the app satisfied the long term roadmap. This meant we explored its extensibility, performance and scalability. In other words, how easy the app was to build atop of with new features, how graceful the experience was for users and how it would react to an ever-increasing number of users from new market launches. 

We tackled this holistically. In real terms, this means that not only do we look “under the hood” at the technology (code, CI/CD etc) but we also consider the people and how they work with one another and the rest of the business. 

A piece of technology – in many ways – is only as good as the people who underpin it. For instance, during our recent audit for a Tier1 International Online Operator we spent weeks on-site and integrated ourselves into the day-to-day. This gave us a nuanced and detailed understanding that simply wouldn’t be possible through code analysis alone. 

Our approach is always tailored to our clients needs and laser focused on equipping you with the knowledge you need. Our findings and recommendations are presented in a manner that enables effective change rather than being full of bamboozling superfluous terminology. If that sounds good to you, and you have a technological challenge or goal that you need expertise like ours to make sense of, please contact us or email [email protected].

What is Technical Consultancy