Pretty Technical


Technical Due Diligence


Banijay is launching a global app for one of its foremost lifestyle brands. The app has been built by a third-party and Pretty Technical were tasked with providing independent technical due diligence to confirm it was extensible in-line with the product roadmap, as well as performant and scalable with their strategic ambitions.


We spent a number of days working closely with the third-party Technical Team, analysing the code, development workflows, documentation and much more. We looked closely at its architecture, design patterns, integrations amongst a variety of technical topics to build a deep understanding of the product ‘under the hood’.


Our approach is to provide an audience-appropriate report to ensure that the pertinent information is captured and presented in a manner which delivers value and drives action. In this instance, we opted for a SWOT-based approach with RAG used to highlight the importance of aspects within the analysis.


We provided Banijay with a comprehensive report on the extensibility, performance and scalability of the app. In addition to the SWOT Analysis, it provides actionable recommendations on the suitability of the product in the context of the three focus areas, as well as a technical roadmap for future enhancement.

Client Feedback

“It was an absolute pleasure working with the Pretty Technical team. They were easy to work with and their approach and process has given us even greater confidence in the quality of our product. The report and its recommendations have absolutely given us the clarity we wanted and we are excited about our upcoming launch! We look forward to future collaboration with the Pretty Technical team and would very much recommend their services.”

Owain Walbyoff, Chief Commercial Officer, Banijay