Welcome to Pretty Technical

We are a product engineering and operations team; delivering and operating modern digital products and platforms on a global scale.

Created from many years of collective experience in technology for regulated sectors we are now Open for Business for new clients and partners and looking to achieve Pretty Technical, Pretty Special and Pretty Social things together.


CTO/CIO support, technical assessment of code and 3rd party systems, solution & system architecture, data and dev'ops strategy.


Digital product and platform development with full Product and Project Management services alongside.


Remote Operations Management, dev' ops, automation and data provision and insight.

Licensed Products
and Services

The provision of specialist world-class gaming and finance products and services, underpinned by market-leading technical and commercial flexibility.

Andre Marenke

Andre Marenke

Founder and CIO

Richard Botting

Richard Botting

Chief Design Officer

Lee Cross

Lee Cross

Chief Product Officer

Andy Rogers

Andy Rogers


Five of the key benefits of working with Pretty Technical:

  • 1

    We have extensive experience across all roles in the delivery function, from development and DevOps through to CIO/CTO operations and technical strategy, and have deep insight and empathy in each area.

  • 2

    We are subject matter experts in regulated, high availability, high concurrency and secure systems.

  • 3

    We are committed to offering the same level of care and attention to our team as to our clients and partners, together we are the Pretty Technical Family.

  • 4

    We are global and distributed giving us flexibility in delivery, technology and operations.

  • 5

    We are part of the Rokker Network, giving us outstanding availability to Business Strategists, Product and Project Managers, Brand and Marketing expertise and a Global talent pool.

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