A helpful partner for Consulting, Software & Operations

Providing curated solutions to the gaming and finance industries* 

Pretty Technical spend our days happily designing and developing enterprise products and platforms and providing operational support which our clients can build their businesses around. 

With a global development team, world class product management, project governance and deep sector knowledge we provide the opposite of blanket development offshoring. A curated service with an attractive commercial engagement model designed to meet our clients needs for the next 20 years not the last 20. 

*’Curated’ in our universe means using both a base of our own IP where appropriate (for example in Player/User Account Management, Digital Auditing Tools or Crypto Payment processing) and deeply integrating best-of-breed 3rd party solutions to give our clients a truly contemporary and scalable business solution.

Our Products

If you like the idea of ‘Curated Development’, you’ll probably want to know some more about our base products.

In addition to our consultancy and bespoke engineering services we have developed a range of world-class infrastructure products to meet the modern demands of the sectors we service, these include:

MikadoPlatform – Player/User Account Management system for global gambling and finance clients

BrahmaRNG – The king of RNG’s for the gaming industry, configurable for any global jurisdiction and provided as code or SAAS

WagerPay – Crypto Payment Gateway which allows for crypto-in crypto-out and elegantly handles liquidity challenges for our clients across hot and cold wallets

SarutoData – Player and lifecycle visualisation product for surfacing complex data in a human way, designed for the gaming industry

DominoVault – Trusted data vault for global gaming markets which require this as a regulatory mandate and data auditing tool


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Our Services

We are also very happy to deploy our global team of consultants, managers, designers, front and back-end developers, dev’ops and testers on solving bespoke problems.

Pretty Technical offers a range of technical consulting services, from initial concept validation, through to solution architecture, operational planning, business optimization, resource mapping, infrastructure consultancy and 3rd party product/provider analysis.

In addition we offer a wide range of bespoke technology-agnostic design, development and operational support services. This includes world-class integration management, data handling and visualisation, a range of contemporary technology implementations (AI/ML, crypto currency and blockchain products) and DevOps as a service

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Our Culture

We are a global family of user-first technologists; designed pre-Covid 19 to be remote, but scalable, and built upon a foundation of experienced practitioners who have worked together for many years. 

We are geographically diverse, but culturally aligned around building a business which is demonstrably excellent across operations, communications and team happiness and progression – both personally and professionally. 

We are on a mission, we welcome conversations, we love the detail and we embrace our diversity. If you would like to be Pretty Special then please reach out via our Careers page; we are growing and looking for talented people in a wide range of roles.

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Our Experience

We are all experienced consultants, managers, technologists and operators with a wide range of tier 1 gaming and finance backgrounds. We implicitly understand the Global markets we are operating in and our clients trust us to deliver best-of-breed solutions for a range of budgets and activities.

We are proud to have run major technical operations in some of the leading global gaming markets and have processed billions of transactions over the last 20 years. Whether it is insurance, payments, gaming, data, security, CX, operations, deployment, regulation or people development we have got a t-shirt with all on somewhere.