Pretty Technical is known for building great systems. We are genuinely passionate about things working beautifully. Our solutions are simple to use, they hide complexity from their users and they are highly automated where possible.

Oh, and we are part of the Rokker Network; that’s Pretty Awesome.

Our People

Our people are specialists in the gaming and finance sectors, but we also have a wide range of lateral experience from healthcare and consulting, to media and sports to draw upon. We are a global family, designed from the ground up to be a group of like-minded team players who are all pulling in the same direction for our clients and the business. All of them are Pretty Technical and Pretty Special.

Leadership Team Profiles

Andre Marenke
Founder & CEO

Andre Marenke is a technical leader and founder with over 20 years experience building and directing multi-cultural technical organisations, teams and operations.

Andy Rogers

Andy has spent 19 years running Agencies and Platform companies. His role within the business is to provide strategic support to the management team to support the company’s growth.

Julian Borg-Barthet
Head of Business Development

Julian is a Sales leader with over 15 years in the iGaming, landbased, and Lottery industries specialising in highly complex compliance and solution-based selling.

Yira Acedo
Software Delivery Manager

With over 9 years experience in her role, Yira manages the Quality Assurance, Project Management and Delivery of the product, keeping teams connected and plugged-in to the rest of the organization.

Tom Squirrell
Head of Production

Tom has spent a number of years leading and delivering projects for a range of clients. From multinationals to local businesses, he has worked across a multitude of industries.

Lee Cross
Chief Product Officer

Over the last 12 years, Lee has delivered strategic product management for Jaguar Land Rover, Samsung, WPP and Dow Jones. Lee has a passion for improving the bottom-line through excellence in product management.