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Our consultants use decades of industry and technological experience to assess your technology capabilities.

Our consultancy team works with your C-team, technical leadership and other key stakeholders to understand your goals and requirements. They utilise decades of collective industry and technological experience to assess how well your technology, ways of working and technical teams support your business strategy.

They uncover the detail by taking a hands-on approach, undertaking a discovery process by embedding themselves into your business to interview, observe, inspect and where appropriate challenge. This enables them to assess the risks, priorities and capabilities of your current technology and make prioritised actionable recommendations and a roadmap for delivering this change.

Our approach focuses in on three key areas across your technology function and how these are (or are not!) supporting your business strategy:

  • Technology – architecture, standards, continuous integration/ continuous development, security and scalability
  • People – team structure, skills, roles and culture
  • Processes – defined processes, cultural ways of working, effectiveness and consistency

Undertaking a technical audit enables us to assess practices, define quality and performance metrics, rank priorities and provide a report that will facilitate change. We can help you to understand what the weaknesses are and identify ways to remove constraints and optimise efficiencies. We can also help you to prepare for any acquisition or change of strategy which might be in the pipeline.

Recent technical consults include working with an international Tier 1 iGaming client’s newly appointed CEO and CFO to bring an understanding of how their technology and people could be optimised to deliver software in line with their new strategic direction.

If you’d like to explore the value that a technical audit or consultation might bring to your business scenario, please email [email protected]

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