International Tier 1 Online Sports Betting & Casino Client

Technical Audit


We were contracted by an international Tier 1 online sports betting and casino client to conduct a technical audit. The audit was to inform the new CEO and CFO on how their technology, people and processes could be optimised. 


The technical audit involved spending time in each of our clients’ international offices over an eight-week period to embed ourselves within the business and its people.

  • Interview key stakeholders and subject matter experts.
  • Review documentation and tooling.
  • Observe first-hand interactions and activity, e.g., releases.
  • Participate in key projects and relevant meetings.


We provided the client with a comprehensive technical audit report which included:

  • Detailed analysis of technical personnel and departments to provide an understanding of the team, their capabilities and relationships.
  • Thorough review of the ways of working across the globally distributed personnel and teams.
  • Overview of the technology landscape within the business, e.g., topology maps.
  • A prioritised list of recommendations within a wider change programme.
  • Our change programme detailed impact analysis, e.g., cost implications, along with actions and a critical path for implementation to enable the business to efficiently and effectively introduce change. 

All of these were tailored towards their strategic goals, as set out at the beginning of the audit, to ensure that they enabled the business’ progression.


The client has begun implementing the programme of change, steered by our critical path and informed by the impact analysis. They have noted marked improvements in technology KPIs, and a greater degree of visibility and control over key strategic projects and initiatives.


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