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Mikado is a customisable iGaming Platform that’s designed to sit at the heart of your operation. It has a powerful Player Account Management (PAM) system, manages your full suite of content offerings across casino, sportsbook, bingo, poker and lottery, and provides all the management and reporting capabilities that you need.

Developed to support the strategic needs of your business both now and as it grows, Mikado puts you in control of your roadmap, operations and player experience. Employing cutting-edge technologies and infrastructure to ensure a robust and reliable solution, Mikado’s flexibility and extensibility is unmatched by any other iGaming Platform.

Its ready-to-launch core includes a modern back-office with optional bolt-on modules and integrations, all supported by an experienced team to deliver on your vision. And what’s more it is ready for various jurisdictions including UKGC and Curacao.

Why Mikado

Control Your Future

Be the master of your own destiny with the Mikado platform. Mikado is the iGaming Platform that puts you in control.​

Customising the platform to your requirements empowers you to own your roadmap, operations and player experience, determining which features you make available when and facilitating continuous improvement. 

Mikado enables you to develop technology that aligns with your business ambitions, not somebody else’s!

Own Your Code

With the option to own the platform code, you can realise the value of your IP and build the enterprise value of your business.

Market Leading UI

Our back-office was developed in collaboration with user experience experts.​Every screen is intuitive and powerful, enabling rapid responses to real-time data making your operations more enjoyable and efficient.

When it comes to your front-end, you can build your own, use one of our templates or have us build a best-in-class experience. The choice is yours.

Easy to Customise

Uniquely yours – adaptable for every vertical and fully customisable.

The Mikado iGaming platform can be customised to facilitate your commercial vision and provide best-in-breed player experiences. Mikado supports all verticals, so you can too! From casino to sportsbook, bingo, poker and lottery, Mikado has you covered. With an unlimited number of currencies, wallets and crypto options available, transacting with players has never been easier. ​

Through using our powerful analytics tools, you’ll have all the data you need to inform developments and customisations, to further engage and retain your players through seamless experiences. 

Unlimited Currencies and Wallet 

Mikado allows for an infinite number of currencies, each with their own distinct wallets.

Crypto in Mind

Mikado was built in the crypto age. We offer unrivalled support for crypto-focused operations.

Your choice of Front-end

Build your own front-end, use one of our templates or have us build your vision. The choice is yours. 

Adaptable for Every Vertical

No matter your ambition, we can support all verticals. From casino to sportsbook to bingo, Mikado has you covered.


Modern Technology

Our fully managed Mikado solution is built on modern technology to ensure the suitability, security,and scalability of your solution. Mikado achieves exceptional horizontal scalability, extensibility and rock-solid resilience through using state-of-the-art, containerised, cloud-based microservice architecture.

 Scalable and Extendible 

Mikado uses a state-of-the-art microservice-based architecture and is typically containerised in the cloud. This enables unlimited horizontal scalability and resilience, giving you peace of mind as your operation grows.

 Fully Managed Solution 

Reduce your cost of ownership by letting us take care of the technology with our industry leading SLAs.

 Technical Philosophy

We’re committed to using best-in-class open-source technology to build secure, scalable, extensible, resilient solutions. We use an agile project management approach and technologies such as; modern JavaScript frameworks, microservices, Apache Kafka and Kubernetes. You can read more about our Technical Philosophy by checking out our ‘Tech Insights’.

UKGC Ready

Mikado meets all of the requirements set out by the UK Gambling Commission,
provide a fully compliant iGaming solution.

Powerful Analytics

Mikado offers extensive and highly configurable analytics capabilities.
Our suite of dashboards are highly configurable, allowing you to tailor and stay in control.



Mikado FAQs

Q: What is a PAM?

A: PAM is short for Player Account Management system and is commonly used in the gaming industry to describe the technology that sits at the heart of an operation recording all the player transactions, providing a central platform for all products to integrate on to, providing insights (via reporting) and tools to interact with and understand player behaviour, management of player accounts, management of content and much more.

Q: How is Mikado different from other platforms in the market?

A: Mikado is designed so you are the master of your own destiny – providing flexibility and extensibility unmatched by any other PAM, underpinned by cutting edge technologies and infrastructure ensuring robustness and reliability.  This flexibility not only applies to the technology itself, but also how we work with you commercially – where you have the option to own the code yourself and be in control of your platform or engage with us providing the software-as-a-service.  Finally our software has been designed by professional UI designers with user experience at the forefront – leading to a sleek, intuitive system that puts key, actionable information at your fingertips.

Q: What markets and jurisdictions do you support?

A: We are live with UKGC and Curacao clients, with other markets coming soon.  Contact Us to find out the latest list of supported jurisdictions. 

Q: Do you support casino/sportsbook/bingo/lottery?

A: No matter your ambition, we can support all verticals. From casino to sportsbook to bingo, Mikado has you covered. Our philosophy is to provide an adaptable ‘chassis’ from we can build upon. For example, we are not tied to our own proprietary sportsbook software, nor do we expect you to pay for a vertical you do not need. With Mikado, you have the freedom to choose the offerings and related technology which delivers on your vision today, safe in the knowledge that it’s ready to support tomorrow’s vision.

Q: How quickly can I go live with the Mikado PAM?

A: The simple answer is this depends!!  Depending on what jurisdictions you want to launch in and what customisations and configurations you would like but ultimately, Mikado is a robust and proven PAM with a comprehensive suite of features and integrations.  We can launch quickly with a platform that is suited to your specific needs and uniquely supports your strategic goals.

Q: What content integrations do you have?

A: We have many integrations with leading third party content providers including casino games, free-to-play and sportsbook.  And if we don’t yet have the specific integration you are after, because of the modern technology stack we use, it is typically simple to add further integrations.  Contact Us for a full list of current integrations and to find out more.

Q: How does code ownership work?

A: One of our commercial options is you can purchase a copy of the code, owning the IP and adding to your enterprise value. We can either provide you with services to configure and develop the platform with a dedicated or shared technical team, or we can train your technical team to support your needs.  Total flexibility and control.

Q: If I don’t want to own the code myself, can you provide a SaaS model?

A: Yes, Mikado is also offered as a PaaS offering as a monthly cost or a hybrid rev-share agreement, but at its core it’s a flexible partnership model. In this option, Mikado will be deployed against your requirements whilst being fully maintained by us.

Q: Can the PAM be customised?

A: Absolutely! The software has been designed from the ground up with customisation and extensibility in mind using modern technological best practices. Mikado essentially becomes your bespoke platform – this is not a typical white-label “one size fits all” solution. 

Q: Do you have a front-end website or can you build us one?

A: Build your own front-end, use one of our templates or have us build your vision. The choice is yours. Our ready-to-launch front-ends utilise modern technologies such as ReactJS and are built with 2023 UX standards in mind. You can choose to customise our responsive, mobile-friendly templates, or have an entirely bespoke front-end built by us or your technical team. Front-ends are decoupled from the back-end applications (“microservices”) and can harness our comprehensive, developer-friendly REST API to leverage Mikado’s logic and data. This gives you complete control over the experience you provide to your players!

Q: Is mobile supported?

A: Yes, we provide mobile SDKs for the back-office and our front-end templates are all designed with a mobile-first approach.

Q: What is the technological approach that you use to build the platform?

A: Mikado is lightweight by design, taking advantage of modern development and deployment approaches, providing you with:

  • Scalability through microservices and horizontal load balanced deployments
  • Flexibility with multi-cloud and bare metal support
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership by utilising open source technology
  • Standalone binaries with minimal dependencies
  • Containerised deployment options with auto-scaling
  • Powerful, comprehensive APIs and mobile SDKs

Q: What Responsible Gaming / Player Protection Measures do you offer?

A: As part of being UKGC compliant in line with the very latest requirements, we provide a comprehensive suite of responsible gaming and player protection features so your players are in control and protected such as limits, timeouts, risky player behaviour monitoring etc.  Contact Us to find out more.

Q: What anti-fraud/Know Your Customer Measures do you offer?

A: We already have integrations with leading third party KYC/AML providers and more are being added all the time.  Contact Us for the latest list of integrations.

Q: What payment methods do you support?

A: We already have a comprehensive suite of market leading payment integrations and more are being added all the time.  Contact Us for the latest list of integrations.

Q: What bonussing features do you have?

A: Mikado includes a powerful tool to enable easy setup of bonussing functionality based on any player behavioural trigger which does not require any technical knowledge to configure. Bonuses can quickly be created by back-office users and linked to marketing campaigns.  Players are able to easily see what bonuses they have available and activate them as they wish.  Contact Us for a demo to see more.

Q: What CRM features do you have?

A: We provide integrations to leading third party CRM providers to provide you with the best and most comprehensive suite of CRM features.  You can select a provider from our already integrated list of partners, or if you want a different provider we can set up that integration for you. The choice is yours.

Q: Do you offer multi-lingual / multi-currency support?

A: Yes – Mikado can be easily configured to support any language that you require.  The platform is also designed to support unlimited currencies and allows players to easily switch between different currency wallets and select their default wallet.  Contact Us for a demo to see more.

Q: Do you offer managed services?

A: We offer a range of managed services to suit your needs.  From technical services such as hosting, technical support and development through to broader managed services through our partner network such as first line customer support, player risk management and player performance.   

Q: Can I see a demo?

A: Yes, we would love to show you a demo. Please Contact Us to arrange a convenient time.

Q: Tell me more about Pretty Technical?

A: Pretty Technical provides online gaming clients with enterprise grade applications, products and platforms alongside technical resources and operational support; allowing our clients to deliver on their Global ambitions.  Launched in early 2020 the business is built on the foundations of decades of gaming industry experience for Tier 1 clients in a wide range of global jurisdictions and across all channels. With a global development team, world class product management and project governance and deep sector knowledge in the iGaming industry, we provide the full development lifecycle from inception and delivery through to operations.


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