Free-to-Play Fantasy Sports Games Website


Inside the Pocket (ITP), provide a white-label mobile platform to empower operators to create their own Gaming, Casino Sports offer. Pretty Technical provide the technology and support behind their easy-to-integrate sports gaming ecosystem. 

Their daily fantasy sports (DFS), free-to-play (F2P) and pay-to-play (P2P) solutions open new doors to audience engagement and growth for their partners. One such partner is the most prolific betting partner of Brazilian football clubs, sportsbook operator PixBet.


In collaboration with Inside the Pocket and PixBet, we defined the objectives, strategy and KPIs to measure success. To improve player acquisition and retention, the agreed strategy was to launch a free-to-play fantasy sports games website, PixJogos. 

PixJogos complements the existing PixBet sportsbook by encouraging players to predict the outcomes of the 2022 Qatar World Cup matches. Players can work their way up the live leaderboard and stand the chance to become a millionaire. with the opportunity to win cash prizes and redeem rewards on PixBet.


Inside the Pocket’s platform is built on our flexible modular Player Account Management system, Mikado. This enabled us to quickly deploy a new front-end for PixJogos before adapting and branding the selected ITP features and games. All of this was achieved within a fortnight of specification.  

The sign-up experience was enhanced via custom integration with a third-party platform to avoid duplicate accounts and validate players ages. The integration customised our sign-up experience by requiring users to enter their CPF (Brazilian National Insurance number). This then validated their identity and auto-populated the relevant personal detail fields giving them permission to play. 

The Random Colour Animal/Pretty Technical collaboration delivered the UI/UX design, development, integration deployment and launch within a fortnight of specification, launching on time and on budget! 

The PixJogos website was deployed into AWS (Amazon Web Services) with its own bespoke suite of Kubernetes infrastructure. The site and underlying ITP technology were pre-emptively load tested to support more than 15,000 concurrent players (in-line with KPIs).


PixJogos was launched both on budget and in time for the World Cup. The website saw 10,000+ concurrent users and over 300,000 game entries over the World Cup’s first weekend.

With minimal promotion and without any bonus engine providing incentives to register, in the four weeks of the World Cup PixJogos saw:

  • 1.5M+ predictions logged
  • 70%+ of registrations in the 18-34 year old demographic
  • Nearly 60% of registrants played multiple games
  • 30%+ logged in more than six times
  • Over 70% of early registered users continued to return and engage more than a week from logging in for the first time
  • Zero downtime

Pretty Technical and Random Colour Animal are proud to support Inside the Pocket and PixBet.

Our Augmented Teams service and 24/7 operational support continue to ensure that PixJogos is online, available and performant.