Pretty Technical

Inside the Pocket

Free-to-Play Fantasy Sports Platform


Inside the Pocket are a leading provider of free-to-play sports and fantasy games. Launched in 2020 by Hussain Naqi, they make available an ecosystem of easy-to-integrate games for both web and mobile platforms via its curated deployment of Mikado. We are their chosen technology partner and have worked closely with the Inside the Pocket team from the very early stages of the business’ inception and helped shape the technological strategy and roadmap. We have since ultimately delivered, launched, enhanced and supported via an Augmented Team.


Alongside our Rokker Network partners, we undertook a number of activities to better define the Inside the Pocket vision and make clear its place in the ever-growing free-to-play gaming space. Workshops were split across Business and Technology, with Pretty Technical leading on the Technology. Our target was a clear definition of the product envisaged, whilst keeping in mind our agile culture and philosophy to software development. Achieved via Agile Inception workshops, the output was an MVP backlog for a curated version of Mikado featuring a number of bespoke games, third-party integrations and free-to-play specific functionality.



Building upon Mikado’s lightweight core and unlimited flexibility, we built a bespoke front-end using ReactJS, harnessing Mikado’s scalable back-end services via their REST APIs. Developed into their own modular microservices, additional third-party integrations were completed and made available to the front-end including complex sports data feeds, game-related back-office features as well as a leading marketing & segmentation platform. In parallel, the dedicated Mobile Development part of the team produced a native mobile experience using Flutter, whilst taking advantage of existing web-based functionality where it was technically sensible, efficient and aligned with performance KPIs.


Following a successful 2020 launch of the B2B Demo instance, we have since supported Inside the Pocket’s continued growth via a tailored and adaptable Augmented Team. We have delivered numerous new front-ends for Inside the Pocket customers in addition to new features and games whilst providing 24/7 Operational Support with industry-leading SLAs.