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Mikado Keeps Getting Better! 

Our Player Account Management platform Mikado just keeps getting better! With an enhanced UI, and more sophisticated financial and compliance reporting, we’ve also advanced our bonusing functionality through our partnership with Flows. The partnership sees us using their high performance real-time data processing pipeline technology for the Mikado bonusing engine.

Mikado has been designed to simplify the development of the services and tools Operators need. Its customisability enables Operators to control their roadmap with the option to own the technology for ultimate control and competitive advantage.  A bonus engine that could fully utilise Mikado’s real-time transactional core and be individually customised to each client and territorial requirement was an absolute must. Our partnership with Flows supports us in our mission to provide clients with the most configurable and extensible gaming platform on the market. 

“We always use best-of-breed technologies, both in our own development and when we partner with others. When looking at bonus engine platforms to integrate with Mikado, Flows does it so well, it just made sense! Its powerful capabilities enable our developers to quickly and easily create workflow triggers using an intuitive graphical interface. It’s so good that we’re exploring opportunities to exploit the integration further. Working with James and his team is a pleasure, they’re great people with great technology.”
Andre Marenke, Founder, Pretty Technical.

“We’ve been impressed with the user-centric design of Mikado, which has a really attractive and intuitive interface. Its modularity and flexibility have enabled a seamless integration with our Flows bonusing engine which delivers clients with a powerful and customisable solution. We’re really proud of what we’ve been able to achieve together.” 
James King, CEO, Flows.

If you’d like to find out more about Mikado and to see a demo of our Player Account Management platform in action please contact us or email [email protected].

Flows partnership