With all our experience, delivery and operational capability we thought it would be also fun to provide world-leading professional services to our clients.


Whether you need to size a challenge or opportunity, create technical strategy and documentation for a new company or initiative, assess existing technology strategy or perform due-diligence on a system or team we are here to help. Supported by our sister business Rokker we are able to provide an end-to-end business and technology consulting service from 1 to 1000 days. Reach out today to find how we are helping some of the world’s leading gaming, finance and media companies do bigger and better things.

Bespoke Technology

Not all projects can be built on existing technology, whether it is an IP ownership requirement, a control or ideology reason we have the people, processes and tools to deliver on a wide range of MVP, innovation, new-market technology or scaling projects designed around bespoke software and 3rd party integrations.

Our Global team is technology agnostic (although we are happy to provide some direction) and we are adaptable to any number of end-device or market deployments.

Ongoing Support and Operations

Once a product is live the fun starts! Pretty Technical are ‘your team’ when you need some external support on on-going development, product support or operational (DevOps) support to keep you products and platforms at the top of your chosen market.

We offer a really flexible solution around this; either a fully out-sourced option or a model where we build a team, operate it with our checks and balances and then hand the team over to become your internal team over time.