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Our Pretty Brilliant Team cover a wide range of disciplines and experiences. We spoke to Yira, our Head of People and found out about how she loves bringing diverse perspectives together and empowering others to realise their potential.

What are you curious about?
Passionate about cross-cultural management in tech, eager to explore diverse perspectives in one workspace.

What sparks your creativity?
My creativity thrives when brainstorming ways to unite individuals from over six diverse countries and cultures around a common goal.

What is it that you value most about the flexibility that working at PT provides?
In essence, the remote work culture embodies a forward-thinking approach that aligns with my personal values and professional aspirations. It enhances not only how I work but also contributes to a more inclusive and dynamic team environment. It has been key to achieving harmony between work and life, fostering both personal and professional growth, and feeling deeply appreciated and entrusted in my role.  

Who inspires you to be the best version of yourself?
My family serves as my inspiration, motivating me to continually strive for the best version of myself, but I’m also inspired by the incredible talent and dedication of the team members, who continually push boundaries and strive for excellence.

What aspect of your work are you most excited by right now?
This diversity of our team dynamics, collaborating with individuals from diverse cultures. I also value the opportunity as Head of People to contribute to a global team’s efforts in creating products, solutions, or services that are culturally sensitive and globally relevant.

Where would you say that your past experiences have added most value to where you are today?
My journey through various roles in managing people within the technology sector has been instrumental in shaping my professional identity. It’s the culmination of these experiences that have defined who I am today.

Which colleagues are you collaborating with on a project right now and what makes the team great?
I have the opportunity to engage with almost every member of the company, allowing me to observe that the blend of diverse cultural values and a collective willingness to collaborate, contributes significantly to the greatness of our team.

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Yira | Head of People