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Pretty Brilliant People | Jose

Jose works on our Pretty Brilliant Team as a Frontend Developer. With a programming and systems engineering background, we got his perspective on what excites him about what he does and brings him to work with a smile on his face!

What are you curious about?
I am intrigued by exploring new technologies and trends in the programming world. From emerging programming languages to innovative development methodologies. I’m always eager to learn and keep abreast of advances in my field.

What sparks your creativity?
Music, without a doubt, is my deepest source of inspiration. Both the rebellious rhythm of alternative rock and the majesty of classical music put me in my most creative state and connect me to a deeper expression of myself. This is where I find solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems and where I connect ideas in innovative ways.

What is it that you value most about the flexibility that working at PT provides?
PT’s flexibility allows me to achieve a harmonious balance between my professional and personal life. I can choose to work from the comfort of my own home or wherever might inspire me. This approach definitely helps me to initiate creative processes and be more productive in my role as a frontend developer.

Who inspires you to be the best version of yourself?
A college classmate named Alex inspired me to become a better programmer. He was a genius at what he did, and his passion for programming rubbed off on me. He taught me the basics of programming and motivated me to be as focused and determined as he was.

What aspect of your work are you most excited by right now?
Challenges excite me. I love tackling new problems and finding creative solutions. PT presents me with new challenges every day that help to me grow both as a professional and as a person.

Where would you say that your past experiences have added most value to where you are today?
I’ve no doubt that having a variety of software development projects under my belt to refer back to has been a great foundation. My passion for research has also been key in keeping my skills and knowledge current, ensuring that I’m able to produce quality work using the most appropriate tools and techniques. In addition, I’d also say that my ability to learn and adapt has enabled me to integrate into the PT team quickly and easily.

Which colleagues are you collaborating with on a project right now and what makes the team great?
I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Rafael and Erick on a project at the moment. We’re a dynamic team of skilled programmers who are deeply passionate about our craft, constantly inspiring and challenging each other to reach new heights of excellence. I think that this is all made possible through our commitment to support one another through open and effective communication.

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Jose | Frontend Developer