Pretty Technical

Embracing the AI revolution

New technologies have become key contributors to creating commercial competitive advantage. The urgency towards the exploration and exploitation of the potential of embracing AI therefore comes as no surprise. In 2022 more than one in three businesses were using AI. As passionate problem solvers and technologists we’ve been excited at the practically unlimited use cases for AI. 

Use of AI is a hot topic in the iGaming industry right now. The subject has featured in the agendas of conferences like ICE, iGaming Next New York and Valletta, iGaming Business Live, SBC Summit North America and Barcelona and G2E. We recently wrote a piece on Exploring Artificial Intelligence (AI) in iGaming which specifically explores how it can be used to enhance player experiences, intelligently develop games, aid fraud detection and prevention, monitor data in real-time, provide data insights for marketing and support responsible gambling initiatives, customer support and chatbots.

We’re embracing AI in our own business, using SonarQube in our development workflows to help us analyse quality, identify bugs, vulnerabilities and “smelly” (inefficient) code. We use AI tools to automate testing, and consistently look to see how new tools and technologies can enhance our products and services to provide even better value to our customers. Through the use of AI, we’ve already been able to achieve notable improvements in the efficiency of our development cycles, enhancing customer satisfaction as a result.

We’re also encouraged by the application of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in its ability to analyse text-based user inputs to respond in a more human way. Use of this technology for our Mikado back-office Live Chat interactions has realised significant improvements in the user experience. 

We’re truly excited about the endless opportunities that AI presents. We’ve been welcoming an increasing number of conversations about how we might use AI to the benefit of new or existing systems. If you’d value a discussion about how AI might benefit your business and realise value from its use, then we’re offering a limited number of free ‘AI application consults’ to those who get in touch via our contact form or email [email protected].

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