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Unlocking Regulated Markets

The growth of iGaming businesses is largely dependent on their appetite and ability to scale and expand into new territories. With each jurisdiction having its own set of compliance criteria, the Operator has to demonstrate their understanding of these requirements. Applications to operate in regulated markets require the Operator to reflect their ability to achieve compliance.

The application process requires completion of forms and provision of proof that the Operators meets the regulator’s complex criteria. The process can be long, time consuming and sometimes confusing, but working with an experienced technology provider can significantly simplify the process. Pretty Technical will help in securing operating licenses in regulated markets, supporting Operators through the form completion and evidencing process.

Pretty Technical have a wealth of experience in developing and supporting technical solutions and infrastructure for a multitude of highly regulated markets across many years. Clients benefit from our independent position as we are free from any contractual obligation to Governments or competing Operators.

We consistently add value to our clients by keeping abreast of new regulatory requirements. We accommodate changes in our data vault Domino as they’re introduced at no extra charge, ensuring that your system remains compliant and that your service is not disrupted.

Domino helps to reduce the overheads of infrastructure and additional HR. We appreciate how valuable commercial flexibility is, so Domino is available as a service or code purchase. This flexibility enables Operators to invest in both infrastructural development and IP. It is a scalable, modern and future proof solution, capabilities which are ever more important in an area where speed, security, reliability and integrity are essential. Data is orchestrated in-line with relevant guidelines and can be integrated via a developer friendly API. We know how critical the speed of getting your product to market is and our dynamic team can support integration completions within a matter of weeks.

Domino has been tested against the latest Dutch regulatory requirements and has been approved by Trisigma. Several clients operating in Holland are now using Domino as their compliant Controle Data Bank (CDB) solution.

The regulated German iGaming market, Gemeinsame Glücksspielbehörde der Länder (GGL) uses the LUGAS cross-national gambling monitoring system. Domino also meets the Safe Server requirements of the LUGAS system for in use in Germany.

If you’re exploring other markets, we’re more than happy to discuss how we can tailor Domino to those regulatory requirements. Simply email us at [email protected] 

Unlocking Regulated Markets