Pretty Technical

BlueOcean Gaming

Domino Netherlands


BlueOcean Gaming were looking for a compliant and easy-to-integrate solution for the Netherlands CDB requirement as part of an upcoming licensed casino launch. After an exhaustive review of the options, they selected Domino as their preferred solution.


Once formally signed, BlueOcean Gaming received their development environment credentials instantly. They were quickly provided with a dedicated point of contact for the purpose of integration and license application support, as well as a shared Slack channel to enable quick and efficient communications between the respective teams.


Domino is a fully compliant, trusted solution for the Netherland’s CDB requirement. It provides a secure, developer-friendly RESTful API and is fully managed SaaS. This enables customers to reduce their overheads by lowering development, maintenance and hosting costs, amongst other benefits.


BlueOcean Gaming were able to integrate their platform with Domino within a matter of weeks, enabling an efficient and stress-free licence application process. 

Client Feedback

“Working with Pretty Technical has been great. We’re very pleased with how simple the integration was and how knowledgeable the team are. We look forward to the upcoming launch safe in the knowledge that Domino has us covered.”

Nina Jelen, Marketing Manager, Blue Ocean Gaming