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Dating Devs

If you’re (professionally) struggling to find that perfect someone you’re not alone! There’s officially a shortage of top-quality (technical) talent out there. But all is not lost, Pretty Technical are here to help you to understand exactly who you need and to help you find them!  

Q1) What kind of relationship are you looking for?

Do you want to take ownership for the delivery roadmap of your project? 

If the answer to that one is no, then the good news is that you can outsource your development to Pretty Technical and we will take ownership of delivery .

If the answer is yes, you can use Pretty Technical’s Augmented Teams service to enhance your internal technical talent with some of our flexible resource.

You may be looking for a long term relationship, or a quick fix! Pretty Technical have entirely flexible resource that can step in when you need them, step out when you don’t and support a smooth transition where that adds value.

Q2) What qualities/capabilities do you need?

You may understand what needs building, but possibly not the specific skills of the talent you’re looking for. Here’s our simple guide to who’s who in the zoo:

  • Mobile Application Developers – Build great apps that work on Apple and Android devices. 
  • Front-end Web Developers – Build the good-looking bits your players see ie beautiful and responsive, web-based interfaces.
  • Back-end Developers – Build the ‘brains’ behind the scenes i.e. applications responsible for logic and transactional stuff that are accessed via the front-end.
  • Solution Architects –Look to understand your strategy, ambitions and KPIs to  figure out how your software needs to be built and the infrastructure it needs to stay stable, safe and secure. 
  • Database Architects – Figure out how your database needs to be structured, developed and optimised. 
  • DevOps – Combine the software development and operations disciplines to shorten the development process by implementing procedures and technologies, e.g. CI/CD pipelines, that make the releasing of new features far more efficient than traditional approaches.
  • Technical Consultant – Have deep domain knowledge to review the current setup (systems, processes and people), identify potential issues and recommend appropriate action to support your future business goals.  
  • Product Managers – Use their comprehensive subject matter expertise to strategically define products and related materials – ensuring the right products are in the right hand of the right people.
  • Product Owners – Use their targeted subject matter expertise to create detailed user stories and oversee the delivery of a product against its roadmap and maximise value for stakeholders and, importantly,  users. 
  • Project Managers and Scrum Masters – Manage a technical project from end-to-end, combining best practices with modern frameworks like Scrum & Kanban. Ensuring on-time on-budget delivery.
  • QA Leads and Analysts – Define and execute the testing strategy to ensure it meets requirements, and behaves and performs as expected.
  • UX/UI Designers – Design interfaces to deliver fantastic user experiences.

Q3. When do you need them?

Our global remote resource pool can dynamically scale-up your resource at speed for a wide range of projects. Because of our tried and tested on-boarding processes, our people can hit the ground running to expedite your development. We can add whole teams into your organisation on-demand, often within a matter of days, if not hours!  

Q4. How do I know I’ve found ‘the one’?

Our vast experience in the iGaming sector uniquely positions us to fully understand the needs of your business and how we can add value to your product. Our clients love our people and how we facilitate their vision. We build long-term relationships through; good communication, collaboration, the quality of our work and by going the extra mile. They even say lovely things like:

“I wanted to say a most sincere and heartfelt thank you. I really don’t have the words to express my gratitude for what you all have done. I am hopeful this is a seminal moment for all of us.”

If you’d like to know more about how we can help with resourcing, please ping us an email to [email protected] and we’ll get right back to you!

Dating Devs