Welcome to Mikado, our very own Player Account Management platform for global gaming operators. Your entry into scalable and future-proofed global operations!

Whether you are on a whitelabel/turnkey solution now and need more control over your tools and roadmap, or you are building a world-leading operation from the ground up and need a trusted PAM to create your business around we have you covered.

Based on Experience

We have built a wide number of these platforms before and understand the operational requirement implicitly.

Total Control

We are focused on giving you ultimate control over your player lifecycle management in a compliant and exciting way.

Experience Launchpad

We have a unique approach to integrations with core features built in and a wide range of 3rd party applications available via our Backoffice Launchpad technology.

Commercially Flexible

We provide Mikado under a number of different commercial models, giving you access to world-leading software in way which fits your business strategy.

Modular and Scalable

We have developed a deliberately lightweight core for Mikado, which is extended by platform and game integrations for players and by a limitless number of 3rd party applications (available via Launchpad within your back office) for operational efficiency and excellence around marketing, reporting, customer support, compliance and finance.

It is designed for the minimal of operational overhead and the API’s are exposed and available for inhouse integrations or additional feature/systems development.

Flexibility around Deployment

We recognise that not all operations and jurisdictions are the same, with this in mind we have built Mikado to be able to operative natively in the cloud but it is also available as an on-premise solution for markets which require this.

It is built on Microservices and is DevOps native forĀ  those client who want more hands-on control of their own operations.

The Mikado Stack

The latest technology and product managament approach

In this space technical debt, roadmap lethargy and total cost of ownership are your enemy; we wanted to ensure Mikado did not suffer here and have approached our development more like a traditional silicon valley piece of software than with the perceived wisdom of the gaming industry. We have de-risked your deployment, growth and BAU operations inherently by design.

In addition to our platform being ahead of the game in terms of technology we also have a world-leading product management function, ensuring clients have access to the roadmap, can plan around this with confidence and have a framework for strategic decision-making tied directly to product development.

Partnership and Commercial Flexibility

You need a platform and technology partner that can scale with your operation – we exist to be that company. We have market-leading flexibility on engagement and we welcome conversations on how we create commercial win-win scenarios.

Mikado is available as a code purchase (+ training), as hire-purchase (+ training and support and development contract) or as PAAS (inc training and support and development contracts) or any communication of the above.

If you would like to book a session to see Mikado in action, or to speak to one of our commercial or technology team, please reach out via the Contact Form today!