A wide number of regulated gaming markets now require a data storage solution for traceability and security.

Therefore, we developed our very own – DominoVault, designed to meet the needs of a modern gaming operation.

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What is a Data Vault?

A handful of regulated markets have adopted a Data Vault (aka Safe) model to help process data from licensees in a secure and uniform way. The types of models change from market to market, depending on their requirements in regard to the type of data they want to monitor and record as well as the frequency in which they want it filed. Typically, this requirement is defined in the regulatory technical standards as law or policy, and is a requirement in order to obtain your license.

Secure. Regulated. Compliant.

The Pretty Technical Team come from an experienced background in providing service delivery and building compliant infrastructure in highly regulated markets. Leveraging this expertise and experience, Pretty Technical is now offering our Data Vault as a service (SaaS) or to buy outright. The latter long-term strategy can be part of any gaming operator’s infrastructural development and IP. A fully pre-certified vault system can be integrated in a matter of weeks once an initial discovery phase has been completed.

Operator PAMS Regulator Secure Processing Traceability Archiving

Why DominoVault?

Simplified Contracting

Domino offer contracting made simple. The contract shouldn’t be more complicated than the service offered.

Fully Independent

Pretty Technical is not affiliated with Governments or Competing Operators

Secure Encrypted Storage
and Processing

99.6% Uptime in secure redundant infrastructure

Reduced Overheads

by diverting development, maintenance and hosting

24/7 Service Availability

Tier 1 Hosting in each location as required by each regulatory market

Commercially Flexible

as SaaS, Code purchase,
or On-premises/own-cloud

Future Proof

with regulatory requirements updated at no extra charge

Quick Integrations

via a Developer Friendly single RESTful JSON-based API

Built to comply with all regulated markets that require it:













Saas or Cloud?

Domino is available in 3 engagement models to suit most client requirements.

• On-premises/own-cloud
• Code purchase

Each option is fully supported in our product delivery model. Customisation and additional features can be delivered on request.We are comfortable with a hire-purchase agreement where you run a SAAS model from day one but migrate to an owned solution over time if you require greater control over your technology stack.