Products are Pretty Cool, so we have some – these are designed to support a range of gaming and finance operations from start-up to global scale-up!

We are user-focused

We are focused on users, not complexity, everything is designed so that we can make our systems as beautiful as possible for both technical and non technical people.

We know our markets

We implicitly understand regulation, integrations and operations. When it comes to building technical operations for the gaming and finance markets you won't find greater strength in depth.

We are genuine partners

We have both the technology and operating model to make this simple for our clients to build their businesses around. We are partners on your journey.

We have market-leading flexibility

We are commercially and operationally flexible - designed to meet the needs of the companies of the next twenty years not the last twenty.

MikadoPlatform - Available Now

Mikado is a Player/User Account Management system (PAM) for global gambling and finance clients.

Having been built with years of experience in creating and operating similar platforms, this is a contemporary take on a core component of a gaming or finance operation. Our product helps you stay in control, both of player lifecycle and compliance. We give you the tools you need to have a world-leading operation and our deliberately lightweight core means you can scale and future-proof your operation to meet the aspirations of your board and your global userbase. You can buy this as a code sale or PAAS, your choice.

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Domino Data Vault - Enquire now

Domino Data Vault is a specific product for the gaming jurisdictions which require this as a regulatory mandate.

Designed to take data from a client PAM (Mikado or third party) we convert this to the pre-defined format and keep a persistent record, with full auditing control to ensure your operation is compliant at all times.

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WagerPay Crypto Payment Gateway - Available Now

WagerPay is a Crypto Currency Payment Gateway designed specifically for the gaming industry.

Developed with regulation and security in mind, this platform deals inherently with the issues of liquidity and security around crypto-in crypto-out transactional processing.

SarutoData - Coming Soon

Saruto solves the problem of complex data not being readily available for customer support, operations and marketing teams without the input of data science.

This product humanises player and user data and gives your teams the ability to both visualise your user landscape and then perform actions on cohorts with simple human interfaces – beats graphs and excel spreadsheets every time!

BrahmaRNG - Available Now

Brahma is the king of certified RAAS (RNG As A Service). We provide a scalable API for game and casino providers who need to quickly and reliably add certified random numbers to their games in various jurisdictions. Catering to more demanding workloads we also offer Brahma RNG as a standalone product to directly integrate into your applications under your in-house licence.

To find out more about our Products or roadmap please reach out via the Contact section above and we would be happy to provide more detail.