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As Peter Sondergaard, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Research at Gartner famously said “Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.” This is absolutely true for those looking to differentiate and compete in an increasingly crowded market. For iGaming Operators, their Player Account Management (PAM) system is the ‘combustion engine’ responsible for collecting and representing the valuable ‘oil’ of data that players provide. But how do we measure what good looks like?

A good PAM enables you to control every aspect of your player’s experience and account in real-time whilst providing a range of tools to deliver insight that enables you to run a world-class gaming business. This includes facilitating compliance with the regulatory requirements of each global jurisdiction you operate in. Failure in this area can lead to significant and costly consequences.

Real-time visibility of your player’s engagements, spend and behaviour are critical to making rapid, educated decisions around player experience, content or promotions. With different business functions requiring different data views, it’s also valuable to have a platform that provides tailored access and custom reports and dashboards for each discipline.

Access to data insights ensures financial and operational accuracy and the implementation of laser-focused marketing activity, automated wherever possible to ensure that the right audience is receiving the right message at the right time. In order to manage VIP’s, campaigns and bonusing across platforms, you need a platform that can turn that data into action and measurable ROI via seamless integrations with best-of-breed channel marketing technologies.

But a great Player Account Management system doesn’t stop there, it can also deliver improvements to the all-important user experience. It does this by integrating with the user interface to service the data that both tailors and gamifies the users experience. This can enable the user to experience deeper personalisation through on-site promotion, dynamic ordering and prioritisation of suggested content and synchronised email and push notifications.

In general, Operators have few opportunities to differentiate and compete in the marketplace. These differentiators cluster in four key areas; marketing spend, content, available features and ease of use. Whilst many Operators select a white-label PAM solution to address their technology requirements, they soon find themselves frustrated and limited by the supplier’s product roadmap.

Our platform Mikado has been developed to evolve with the needs of your growing business, empowering you to differentiate and compete. Because we utilise modern practices in architecture, development and deployment, Mikado is lightweight by design. Mikado has limitless customisation and integration opportunities via our unique ‘Launchpad’ interface, increasing usability and decreasing the need for multi-platform maintenance and management. It’s also designed to increase the lifetime value of players to increase your ROI.

We know that commercial flexibility is key, so we enable clients to customise, own and control their product and its ongoing development in alignment with their corporate strategy, either through purchasing the code, or entering into a Software as a Service (SaaS) agreement with us. We also appreciate that the User Experience of your technology sets you apart from the competition, so our interfaces are designed by experts at our sister agency ‘Random Colour Animal’ to be beautifully intuitive.

Our work sees us as a proactive partner, supporting our clients to achieve their ambitions through technology, technical resource, design and consultancy services. We believe that the best platform for your business is the one that does what you need it to do, both now and into the future.

If you’d like to find out more please email [email protected] today, we’d love to help you.

Powering Successful iGaming Businesses