Pretty Technical pushes on with post investment growth plans

June 22nd, 2021

The game-changing company that has been trading for a little over a year, but has a growing team of 30 staff, is super excited about this next phase of growth.
[Pretty Technical Take on External Investment to Drive Growth]

Chairman Andy Rogers says ‘A combination of client demand for services and further investment into our own product suite mean that we are looking to hire another 20 professionals into our Software Engineering and Product Teams’

Andy is sure the rapid growth is reflective of the demand for Pretty Technical forward thinking approach – ‘A combination of inception to delivery development and curated solutions-architecture coupled with an attractive commercial engagement model which is designed to meet our clients’ needs for the next 20 years, not the last 20′.

Pretty Technical is a technology-first organisation that deeply understands iGaming. It is an organisation built to function as a modern Software company rather than an ‘old gaming company’; a truly Globally matrixed team of amazing individuals consistently and successfully challenging the norm. It is an organisation built on flexibility, where the cultural and geographical flexibility is matched by its ability to develop commercially & technologically flexible solutions.

The new hires are likely to fairly evenly split across Europe and the Americas. The will be building on existing teams in the Netherlands, Spain and the UK as well as Brazil, Venezuela, Peru and Argentina.

‘We attract people who enjoy building great products and systems. They value being part of a global team. They are curious. They recognise the value of a strong team and learn from their colleagues, but they are comfortable creating their own solutions. We are a global family, designed from the ground up to be a group of like-minded team players who are all pulling in the same direction for our clients and the business. All of them are Pretty Technical and Pretty Amazing!’ (Andre Marenke – CEO)

It is a compelling proposition for Software Engineers and Product Specialists. Not only are the products aligned to 21st Century solutions (modern Gaming platforms, Data Visualization and Management, Crypto Projects, Data Vaults to address the latest regulatory requirements and a range of client-specific bespoke developments) but they insist on contemporary tech and approach – modern micro-services architecture, Go & React Development, Kafka data pipelines and Cloud-native (AWS and Kubernetes).

Those interested in joining the team or simply finding out more should initially speak to our recruitment partner Marshall Wolfe.
Email: [email protected]