Launching ourselves into 2021!

September 15th, 2020

Welcome to Pretty Technical; we’re so excited to get things off the ground this year and this new website is testament to how far we’ve come since March (not least successfully negotiating a global pandemic in our first 6 months of operation)!

We are a family of software development and regulated platform specialists with an extensive history in the gaming industry, ready to curate the best systems in the field – although our knowledge and services are part of an ever-expanding universe which has now moved beyond the gaming sector to the likes of financial services and healthcare.

Along with our growing range of original market-leading products, we like to shout about our strong ability to support user experience across our clients’ operations with a heavy focus on customer management and lifecycle. Wherever you are on that journey we have got you covered!

Founded by CEO Andre Marenke and chairman Andy Rogers, the Pretty Technical pair have amassed 20 years’ experience in the gaming and consultancy industry. Together Andre and Andy have created an initiative that aims to tackle the gap between software development and appropriate support in this evolving market.

Our top priority is creating helpful solutions and ensuring that our partners can run seamless, successful businesses. As both Andre and Andy witnessed the technology industry develop over the past two decades, they observed a need for a contemporary tech stack which was matched with proper operational support. The guys wanted to eliminate the head-winds of technical debt and create cost-effective, time efficient and future-proof solutions for companies of all sizes.

As part of this approach Pretty Technical has developed ‘Curated Gaming’; building on in-house IP where necessary, but also being lateral in our discovery phases to establish whether there are options for integration with 3rd party systems which would make a client business more successful both commercially and technically.

After the long-awaited launch in March 2020 we have gone from strength to strength in assembling a fast-growing team of seasoned professionals who make up the Pretty Technical family. We pride ourselves on our strong moral core and creating an environment which loves the technology we develop and making the complex, simple.

Our Pretty Technical team can be found dotted all around the world, with management in the UK and the Netherlands and our development team split across Spain, Venezuela, Uruguay, Argentina and Panama. Why is that? Much of our proven success is founded on the fact that we hire on talent, not location. With a global talent pool full of the next best developers, we have the opportunity to hire a team of people who can tailor personal solutions for our partners. Our belief that if we hire the best, we can achieve the best.

The team is busy constantly creating and adapting systems that allow you to stay ahead of the game. So far, we have assembled a group of high spec software that is ready to be used, however you wish to use it. From Mikado, our very own Player Account Management System, to WagerPay, our hassle-free Crypto Payment gateway, our systems are ready and waiting.

Since our launch in March it is clear to us that Pretty Technical fulfills a strategic and important part of the Rokker Network and the gap in the gaming market that we witnessed for so long. Our unmatched collective experience in the global gaming industry has meant that we have been able to produce top of the range software that has already helped to take businesses from strength to strength. With such successes in 2020, we are now continuing to grow a meaningful business with a confident and future-proof growth strategy over the next five years which drives personal and professional opportunity for us and our clients.

Let’s achieve Pretty Technical, Pretty Special and Pretty Social things together!